Beam or Rack labels with adhesives for harsh environment, cold storage, freezers

Rack Label

Reduce picking errors for smooth flow

Legend labels can contain barcodes, arrow, and multiple colors

Legend Label

ID complete sections at eye level

High tack adhesives bond to metal, glass and ceramics

Cold Storage Label

Withstands tough environments

Freezer labels can be applied at -29F

Freezer Label

Sticks at -60°F

  • Novex offers custom solutions for your specific labeling needs
  • Removable, repositionable, & residue free
  • Pressure sensitive labels for harsh environments
  • Humidity resistant
  • The Key to your Warehouse is Novex Legend Labels
  • Label application at freezer temperatures
Retro Reflective labels are ideal in low light areas

Retro Reflective Label

Low light, long range scanning

Magnetic labels make it easy to reconfigure your warehouse

Magnetic Label

Easy to move, covers old labels

  • Apply as low as -29°F. Withstands harsh outdoor environments
  • High tack & high peel adhesives
  • Create custom labels from your data, including complex formats
  • Excellent adhesion and stability
  • Easy to move as product moves
  • Label reflects light for greater scanning distance
Bin labels with custom colors and variable barcodes

Bin Label

Hundreds of stock dies

Bin labels with custom colors and variable barcodes

Floor Label

Durable materials for high traffic areas

  • Design your label: size, shape, color, barcode symbology, density and height
  • No residue left behind
  • Our labels have functioned for over 20 YEARS, and are still going
  • Variable graphics for easy ID
  • Enhance with color and arrows
Aisle, Check Digit, and Arrow Labels plus Signage and Placards

Additional Warehouse Labels

Aisle, Check Digit Labels, Signage, Arrows and Placards

Asset Tracking, Shipping, Pallet, QR Code, Variable Barcode and Product Labels

Other Label Products

Asset Tracking, Shipping, Pallet, QR Code, Variable Barcode, Product Labels