Aisle Labels

Aisle Labels ensure easy identification of aisles, zones, sections or bays. Aisle Labels can be applied directly to racking, or applied to signs and sign holders.

Custom Warehouse Aisle labels


Check Digit Labels

Check Digits can be used in voice recognition or manual scanning. Either way they are used as a secondary method to verify and improve error detection, eliminating errors. Check Digits can be incorporated onto the Rack/Legend Label or an individual Check Digit Label can be created. Multiple check digits can be used. Novex meets your WMS needs.

Check Digit Labels



Warehouse Signage covers a large group of labels: ceiling labels, safety labels, facility labels, warehouse instructions and dock signage.

Custom Warehouse Signage Labels



Arrow Labels display visual direction. All sections, bins, and bays need to be clearly marked. Arrows play a large role to avoid confusion on the warehouse floor. The Arrow Label can be customized with arrow color, shape, size or special notations.

Arrow Labels created with custom text, colors and sizes



Placards are made of a plastic composite to which the Legend Label is applied. The Placard is then attached to the upright with adhesive or with fasteners. Placards withstand various conditions within the warehouse. When using fasteners the Placard can also be moved to another position or location.

Custom lables can be applied to placards