Asset Tracking Labels

Asset Labels are used primarily to track and identify company equipment and property.

Custom Asset labels


Shipping Labels

Warehouse Shipping Labels and Receiving Labels come in a variety of flood-coated colors. Types of labels we produce include DNDS-Do Not Double Stack, OS&D-Over Short & Damaged, Mixed Skid, Maintenance, HM-Hazardous Materials, Hot Shipment, Drop Ship and Do Not Break Shrink Wrap Labels. Let Novex labels do the talking for your shipping department!

Shipping and Receiving Labels


Pallet Labels

Pallet Labels are used to track shipment of product. The labels are attached to a wood pallet, shrink wrap, or cardboard boxes. Novex produces multi-sized labels to make sure all pieces of your shipment will be tracked correctly.

Pallet labels


QR Code Labels

QR Code or Quick Response Code is a type of matrix barcode that contains information about the item features and is used to transfer that data into a mobile device or scanner. QR codes started as a tracking element; now QR codes are used in document management, advertising and general marketing.

QR code labels in custom colors and sizes


Variable Barcode Labels

Novex offers uniquely numbered Barcode Labels, Tags or Stickers that contain sequential or variable numbers. All labels are easy to customize: variable artwork, text, graphics, and barcodes. Novex Variable Barcode Labels are produced in a wide range of materials and printing methods.

Variable barcode labels


Product Identification Labels

Product Identification Labels or PID Labels contain specific information about a product: product model, identification numbers and serial numbers.

Product or PID labels