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Warehouse Rack Labels

Warehouse Labels


Cold Storage



Bin & Aisle


Novex Systems manufactures complete Warehouse Labeling Systems:
Rack, Legend, Bin, Aisle, Floor, Retro-Reflective, and Magnetic.

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  • Created with small glass pieces that reflect light at a greater distance
  • Used for long distance scanning in low light area

Cold Storage

  • Available with freezer grade adhesives for subzero temperatures
  • Highest print and durability standards

Novex Rack Labels provide easy identification of item level and position to streamline workflow within the warehouse, creating less down time and improving ROI

Our Rack Labels are completely customizable, tailored for any warehouse specifications. Incuding: size, shape, color and barcode symbology.

  • Add a variable image to ensure proper product identification
  • Add arrows for proper location identification
  • Add color to differentiate betwenn multi-levels
  • Able to use different criteria for human readable and barcode scans

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