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Tax Form Processing

 Complete 1099 and W-2 printing, processing and mailing services.

Professional and Secure 1099 and W-2 printing and processing.

With Novex confidential and secure tax form processing solution, you can keep your sensitive payroll data secure and away from prying eyes. Our one-stop processing programs help you remove the hassle of producing, filing and storing your W-2 or 1099 forms.

Through our mail shop services and offsite archival service your company can lower its postage, distribution and storage costs  In addition we can provide you a CD to easily reprint misplaced W-2s eliminating the time and expense used to produce those “lost” W-2s.

Our tax form programs and experience makes developing a custom solution that works with your payroll format and meet your company’s production and reporting requirements a reality..

Novex Basic Tax Form Processing Services

• Receiving, processing, printing, and mailing of W-2 statements.

• Instead of mailing W-2 forms to employees, completed forms can be inserted into security envelopes and shipped to your company via FedEx ground (unless otherwise requested).

• Print copies of state or local forms that your organizations can use for entities that do not yet accept electronic format.

• Employees may select to receive their W-2 electronically. An online signup is available to receive a password-protected pdf file via e-mail, eliminating much of your printing, postage and mailing costs.

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Confidential and Secure

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