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Nonprofit Organization Products

Novex nonprofit solutions allow you to quickly reach your target audience with effective messaging!

Non-Profit Organizations Products: Targeted promotions and mailings.

With our direct mail for nonprofit organizations programs you can prepare and mail a small promotion within days or weeks rather than months. Hence, perfect for potential audiences and very cost effective. We can also implement more elaborate and carefully targeted promotions that will provide you the same cost-effective results.

With our data management experience you have total control over the presentation of your message! It is targeted to those most likely to donate or use your service, and can be personalized to increase positive response. Your message can be as long as is necessary to fully tell your story. Message effectiveness of response via the campaign can be easily measured.

We also offer our nonprofit organizations complete digital print, mail shop and fulfillment programs.

Machine Inserting:
(7 station intelligent)

(6 stations)

Folding    Packaging

Saddle Stitching


Spiral Coiling


Mail Inserting Machine

Shrink Wrap



Pressure Seal


Envelope Printing

Hand Insertion



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